This Book Reveals the Truth Behind Australia’s Constitution

This book is quite rare in the annals of Australia’s history, as it is only the second book of its type to be written in the past 114 years.

The first book was Quick and Garran’s “Annotated Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia.” These two barristers took 1008 pages to explain the British Act creating Australia’s Constitution in terms of the 19th century thinking and legal practices of the day.

This second book is a follow up from the author’s first book, “A Constitutional Journey,” and was actually initiated at the request of a reader of that book.

This book looks at the British Act from today’s perspective, and objectively examines every Chapter, Clause, Section and sub-Section as they are written.

The legal profession claims that ignorance of the law is no excuse; hence, it seemed logical to the author that any reasonably educated person should be able to read and understand the primary law of the nation that controls everyone’s life.

One should not need a law degree to do that, and nor should the primary law have to depend on unwritten conventions, undefined entities and the implication of ancient history and legal precedents.

This book exposes the true nature of the British Act and highlights the reasons why it is written the way it is, who the authors were, and the purpose they successfully intended to achieve.

The British Colony of Australia Act of 1900 represents Australia’s primary law and is still used today as Australia’s Constitution.

The British Government added the first eight parts of this Act, while the ninth part is the draft Constitution. That draft was changed by the British Government before it would allow the Act to be presented to the British Parliament. This amended Constitution was never presented for approval to the people of Australia. This British Act is steeped in 19th-century colonial thinking, and has never been brought up to date. It remains antiquated, and bears little relationship to the way Australia is governed.

One myth this book debunks is that the Constitution can only be changed by a referendum of the Australian people. The original 50 colonial representatives saw fit to include 29 provisions allowing Parliament to change the Constitution any time the ruling party wished, and this has been done so many times since 1900 that no one has kept count.

The late Professor G. Clements, UK QC and emeritus professor in law at Cambridge University, made the following pertinent comment:-

"The continued usage of the Australian Constitution Act (UK) by the Australian Governments and the judiciary is a confidence trick of monstrous proportions played upon the Australian people with the intent of maintaining power … Authority over the Australian Constitution Act lies not with the Australian government, nor with the Australian people. It rests solely with the UK. Only they have the authority to repeal this legislation.” 

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“This informative book presents important facts about Australian politics and governance. We are proud to announce its release,” said Robert Fletcher, CEO of Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Agency.

About the Author: Graham L Paterson was born and educated in South Australia. He became involved in constitutional matters when living in Indonesia from 1969 to 1972. Obtaining a copy of the Australian Constitution on his return to Australia was the first step on a long journey of involvement with this antiquated document.


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