Teaching the Constitution

I have been working on a way to create awareness about the document that Australia uses as its Constitution. 
I am doing this because, believe it or not, that document is the most important piece of paper in everyone's life. It's the piece of paper that gives the politicians the power to make the never-ending stream of laws that control all our lives.
If you are at all interested in finding out something about this document there is an easy and free course to explain what the Constitution says.
The link is http://aussie-independence.thinkific.com/…/teaching…/preview
The course is written in plain English and no one needs a law degree to read and understand the lessons.



Available Books by the Author

The recently published book, "Where to, Australia?" is now available.

This book offers a new and up to date draft of a Constitution for an independent Australia. It is intended as a starting point for getting something on the table in the hope of moving beyond the never-ending talkfest that keeps going around and around in circles.

This is a new and challenging book that is divided into two Parts - the first Part explains the reasoning and philosophy behind each chapter of a new and better political and economic system that is contained in the draft of a new Constitution. The Second Part of the book is the draft Constitution itself. 

An introduction to this book is contained in the link DRAFT Constitution, above.

If you are interested in that book and either of my two other books, "A Constitutional Journey" and the one illustrated here, "The Australian Constitution as it is Actually Written," I can send you a free eBook version, but you will need to download the free version of Adobe Digital Editions.  

Whilst I have copyright, these books were written to promote a true and proper understanding of the 19th century British Act Australia still uses today, as its Constitution. The only restriction on distributing the books, or excerpts, to anyone interested is to include a reference to this blog at www.aussieindependence.com.

These books are also available from www.sbpra.com or alternatively, contact the author at guggzie@gmail.com if you wish to obtain a copy of the original or the eBook version.