This is a new and challenging look at Australia's future. It asks the reader to envisage the sort of future we could have if we take control and demand the changes for a better Government, and a better political system. 

This book takes you on a journey to a more honest system; a system less corruptible by money, and one that can give you better control over your elected and appointed representatives.

The draft of a new Constitution for an Independent Australia is now completed and is about to be published as a book with the above title.

The book is in two Parts - the first Part explains the reasoning and philosophy for each chapter of the draft, and the Second Part of the book is the draft Constitution itself.

The purpose of the exercise is to offer a true and honest option of a Constitution created by hundreds of people from around Australia. This Constitution can be read and understood by any reasonably educated person, as it is written by the people and for the people. Nobody needs a law degree to read and understand this Primary Law of an independent Australia.

It will hold all our elected and appointed representatives accountable and show how we can get a better Government less corruptable by outside influence. It has the potential of forcing our politicians to think in terms of the nation, instead of the narrow perspective of winning  the next election for their political party.

For anyone interested, a PDF copy is available by contacting me at guggzie@gmail.com