The Hypocrisy of Australia Day

When asked why some of us are whingeing about celebrating Australia Day on the 26th of January, I wonder if they’d be celebrating a day if it were the Indonesians who “colonised” the country two hundred years ago. We celebrate Australia Day the same way most of us celebrate Xmas and Easter—by standing around a barbecue getting lightly inebriated while telling racist and other off-colour jokes. Australia Day has been commercialised like all our other public holidays, with thanks to China and the huge array of imported gimmicks. But then, that’s become the Australian way of life.
The cruel truth is that hardly any of us have the foggiest idea why we set aside a day to commemorate the arrival of a bunch of British soldiers and a heap of convicts.
Anzac Day has turned into a mindless ritual where the reason for having it has become part of the nation’s delirious torpor; and our love of a paid holiday.
In that stupor, we fail to come to grips with the fact that the very best reason for having an Australia Day would be to celebrate our independence as a nation.
Our WW1 war dead won us that independence and national sovereignty on the 28th of June 1919 when we signed the Treaty of Versailles. Both the British Parliament and the Australian Parliament recognised the fact that we signed as an independent nation, along with all the other signatories.
Both international and domestic law acknowledges this document as the officially legal instrument that, in any proper Court of jurisdiction, transferred sovereignty from King George V to the Australian people.
When our then Prime Minister of Australia, Billy Hughes, signed that treaty on our behalf he did so with the full knowledge of what needed to be done to formalise our newly won independence. The first step was to create our own Australian Constitution severing our ties to the UK and the monarchy. The next step was for Britain to repeal their British Act creating the enlarged colony of the Commonwealth of Australia.
Neither actions were achieved because, the whole thing was aborted in 1921 by the second-rate pseudo Pom, Stanley Bruce. The new PM Bruce got the numbers to scuttle our independence and maintain the status quo as a legally controlled Dominion of Britain.
We threw away what so many free countries have gone to war to acquire.
That’s where we are today. Bloody marvellous!
I think people who aspire to be second-rate subjects of a foreign Queen should celebrate that day in 1921 when they allowed themselves to be robbed of their basic human right of self-determination. By celebrating that infamous and treasonous day, they might, in time, come to see the tragedy we go on perpetuating so mindlessly on the 26th of January. On Anzac Day, we might come to see that those diggers who gave their lives for this country were denied what they so gallantly earned. Their blood sacrifice was all for nothing. The freedoms they won for us were just pissed down the drain.
And we continue to let it happen.